Monday, October 27, 2008

In case it wasn't obvious...

For those who had not figured it out yet by the lack of entries here, college plans are on indefinite hold. Nothing has gone according to plan since leaving WY... and although things are picking up on my Zazzle and Squidoo ventures (please see Art on the Edge for details), I simply cannot afford higher education right now.
Because of my need to move out of the housemate's home, combined with inability to find work here in central FL, I had to take an assignment out of town...again.
It is not what I wanted.
However I am excited about it and think it may be a very enjoyable interlude.
Once I complete my contract, I would ideally like to spend a few months in either the UL or Ireland for old times sake.

I have really questioned whether a degree is necessary, after all.
I can still do self-guided study, and am still looking at the possibility of attending New College in Sarasota at some future date.

Struggling with this ADHD has never been easy. By the time I am certain I know what I want to do, I no longer really want to do it. It's like the effort of planning it took the passion for it out of me. I got much further in the process this time, and I believe that if real life hadn't dictated otherwise (necessity for work), I would be taking at least a few classes by now.

Who knows? Maybe next year...
I'll keep you apprised.