Friday, September 5, 2008


Sometimes we just have to accept that our dreams and best laid "plans" are not going to work out quite the way we expected or would like.
Real life interferes.
We must make adjustments, alterations.

So, it seems, I must face the facts that it just is not practical for me to attend school full-time at this juncture. I've got no savings, and my priority is finding work and moving into my own apartment.

However, there is no reason why I can't take a part-time course load as an enrolled degree seeker.
And that is currently the plan.
I will enroll with the OSU online program and take 2 courses per quarter. Each class lasts 11 weeks and is worth 3 credits. So I can still make progress towards my ultimate goals.
I'll have the money for the application fee by the end of this week and plan to enroll for the winter session, which starts in early November.
If they stay available, I plan to take Ancient Near East history and Intro to Cultural Anthropology the first session, followed by a required writing course and possibly Arabic I!
I know I have to work towards certain required classes, but need to keep a high degree of interest at the same time.

My ultimate "dream", or goal, is to eventually transfer into a respected top school such as Penn, Georgetown, or NYU.
I am not ready to set a timeline for this.
When the time is right, the resources will become available.

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