Wednesday, September 10, 2008

now that the pressure is off...

Now that I do not feel pressured about getting into a school by spring semester and getting all my aid worked out, etc...
I have been free to take mini-steps forward.

I called my high school alma matter today and requested five official copies of my transcript, which happen to include my SAT scores.

I started researching several schools, both public and private, here in Florida which I had either never heard of before or never considered attending.
Of course, once again, my top choice regionally is the most expensive, Eckerd College in St. Petersburg which has the Ancient Studies major. Also looking @ University of South Florida, FL Atlantic, FL International, and Stetson.

Did some online reading/research in my current subject of interest, the history of Ancient Mesopotamia. Learned a bit about the goddess Inanna/Ishtar.
"Played" with The British Museum interactive map of Mesopotamia which links to photos of archaeological sites.
Also discovered the amazing Oriental Institute @ The University of Chicago, another school I never heard of before today...and the most expensive of all I have looked at yet!

Well, I have to trust that the universe (read "God", if you like) supports me in this endeavour and will somehow make it possible!

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