Friday, September 12, 2008

Just waiting on my transcripts

Not a heck of a lot to report today... requested my high school transcripts earlier this week andam just waiting for them to arrive before taking the next step in applying to several FL schools.

I am still hopeful to get in for spring semester. Several people have told me that, to their knowledge, regardless of my age I cannot be denied on-campus housing, that doing so would be discrimination.

Yes, it is going to be VERY hard to relate to the average aged 18-22 year olds in housing. I have never been part of the "in" crowd even when I was in that age group, and now usually when I see youth interacting away from adult supervision, I am APPALLED at their behavior.

Well, another bridge to cross when we get to it.

Read a fascinating article about the history and culture of Iran/Persia last nite... then explored a variety of flickr photo uploads from Tehran, Masuleh and a caravanserai called
Robat-e Miandasht Simply stunning.

A new obsession is born.

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