Monday, September 1, 2008

I'm Really Going to Do This!

How exciting, how nerve-wracking. For some reason today the realization that I am, in fact, going to follow through with this, has been overwhelming.
I feel energized. I have been writing about my study plans and what I hope to achieve with my new degree, networking with other adult "nontrads" online.
I called my mother and father (divorced since my mid-20s) to ask what they thought, if they are supportive of this decision. (the said yes but were not as enthusiastic as I would have liked)

Cut back to reality.
Maybe I am one step ahead of myself (those who know me may be thinking 'Yeah so what's new?').
Technically I have not yet been accepted back at WCU. The Re-admit application is in a notebook by the bedside table, waiting until I have a spare $35 for the submission fee.

I am also still uncertain of Housing. WCU has, since my last visit in the late 80s, added on-campus apartment complexes, but I wonder if they are going to be loud crazy party halls...
I feel really funny about all this.

Last night I printed out segments of the course catalog which explain the school's GenEd requirements (blah) and the requirements for each of the majors which interest me. None of them really fit my wants or needs "perfectly".
Clearly at some point I am going to have to transfer to another university which offers a much broader, deeper course selection.

How far ahead should I be looking?

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cottrell3 said...

You can do it! I'am a forty year old non-traditional student that has been trying to finsish school for 20 years. A 4 year degree is taking me 20 years and I'am still not finished.I graduated high school and sat out a year. Went to college and partied for a year, went into the military got out, went to work, went back to school. went back to work, went back to school, and transferring schools is a nightmare. They gave me credit for 3 years of school and made them all electives, then added 3 semesters of a foreign language, 3 biologys, and a math, to my course requirements and I have a forty year old brain. One of my sons mothers told me last week that i have been in school forever! yea thanks alot i really needed that one. Anyways your biggest battle will be the one in your own head. It will sound like this, what am i doing, why am i here, iam to old for this, i should have done this when i younger, i know that they are all laughing at me, i quit, can i go back to work, should i change majors to something elese, and then it will start all over, what am i doing?........What you are doing is going back to school and finishing your degree. And you have ever right to do it.