Monday, September 15, 2008

I was very excited...until...

I was very excited about the prospect of New College. But they have not responded to my questions, and they do not seem to offer a regular schedule of classes.

I was very excited about the Eckerd PEL program...until I discovered that it is also not the type of full time study I want. At least, not if I understand what their webpage says regarding classes meeting only once a week for five hours. I want to be taking 4 classes that are listed in their "regular" course catalog, not being relegated to special coursework for older students.

In the meantime...I have discovered that YouTube is a great source for history documentary programming, including a 6 part series on Mesopotamia which I plan to watch starting this evening.
To be followed by viewing related to ancient Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Israel over the weeks ahead as time permits.

Tomorrow we're going downtown to the main library, which is always fun. I love books! I wish I worked in a library! I am still waiting for them to call me back regarding an interview...

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