Sunday, September 14, 2008

Greetings DAHS Class of 1986!

Hello to all my high school classmates who have linked over here from our class page!
Even though I have lived far away from York County since 1992, I have often wanted to attend our reunions and class events.
I hope you are all well... happy, blessed with good jobs and good families!

I wonder what you think of me. (here's my mug shot ----
pic taken winter 2006 in Stratford, England)

Do you think I'm crazy? Do you think I'm doing the right thing? Are you laughing at me? Are any of you jealous? lol

I wonder what your lives have been like. I wonder what places you have gone to. I wonder what it's like to be married and have children (both of which I have managed to avoid) and work in steady careers.

So...what is my latest news regarding my college journey? Well, I have been researching schools here in Florida while waiting for my transcripts to arrive in the mail.
I honestly do not think an online program, regardless of price, can offer me what I am looking for. I seek class interaction and "hands-on" experience.
I think in some ways I am also trying to give myself the learning and growing experiences I missed out on by dropping out of WCU in 1986. Sure, I had many different experiences... but something just doesn't feel complete.

There are currently three FL schools which are high on my list:
*Eckerd College in St. Pete (PEL Program)
*New College in Sarasota
*University of South Florida (St. Pete)
I am also still interested in:
*Rollins, and maybe
*FL Atlantic or
*FL International

Not much else to say, right now. Feels like a waiting game.

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Chansonellensky said...

Hey, nice blog! I'm a returning student myself at 41 (was 40 when I began my own "second half"). My journey is a bit different from yours in that I'm doing it as cheaply as possible and hope never to set foot in a classroom. I had started a little blog myself a while back but have been neglecting it. You might just inspire me to pick it back up. :)