Monday, September 8, 2008

Great, Got my SAR... So now what?

My FAFSA has been accepted and processed and I got an email linking me to my SAR... which makes abolutely no sense to me.
How am I supposed to use this information to figure out how much I am actually going to have to pay?

I am having an anxiety attack. I feel like I am running out of time, and I am very confused about what steps to take next.

I WANT to go to school full-time at a top private university. I WANT to devote my life to pursuit of education and career goals right now.
But I cannot afford to choose a school like this if it's going to leave me thousands of dollars in debt, or owing before I can even enroll.
I feel stupid because I have no idea how this works! and it makes me want to cry (from frustration).

If I can get an aid package which covers all or almost all of my needs, I want to seize the opportunity to attend the best school possible.
But what way is there of getting this information BEFORE you spend the money to apply to expensive schools?

If my EFC is $1665 and my school tuition + fees is more than $35,000... how much of the "left-over" $33, 335 is covered by grants and loans? How much am I really going to be responsible for paying on my own?

And if I take the "easy" route and enroll in the cheap online degree program as "half-time" student and the tuition is only $1300, will I get any aid at all with an EFC of $1665?


Who can help me get these answers?!?!?!

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