Wednesday, September 17, 2008

going in circles...???

I can only trust that the universe is leading me to the place and program which is best for me.
Every time it seems I have made a decision and a "plan", something comes up. Well, hopefully eventually I will be led to the RIGHT home, the RIGHT job, and the RIGHT college.

Here's the latest possibility... which has kind of gone back to square one(ish).
An acquaintance of mine mentioned moving to the Philadelphia area, so I immediately felt compelled to ask if she'd consider getting a place together w/me.
She seemed very agreeable, and we exchanged a few emails about the idea. We have not made any definite plans but I feel really excited about it. I am waiting to hear from her tomorrow about when she wants to move (we mentioned doing it before Xmas) and to what area of town (important to me for transportation reasons).

(cat sitting on computer...will add more later

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