Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Financial Fears and Confusion, Part DEUX

Uh oh. Here they come again. Those terrible anxieties regarding whether I am being realistic about this endeavor.
A member of a non-trad student group I belong to has been trying to be helpful in regards to questions I have asked about financial aid. Unfortunately this is having a negative influence on me.

Say I get accepted back to WCU. It means moving 1000 miles back to a state I left 14 years ago. I am relying on friends and relatives to house me throughout the holidays until classes start in mid-January.
Now, as a "Re-admit" student, I will have commuter status. Which means finding off-campus housing.
This "source" has said that a college generally requires a payment towards tuition prior to allowing you to enroll in classes.
I am relying almost 100% on Financial Aid (which I haven't even applied for yet). My total income for the 2008 year was less than $10K. Out-of-state tuition is roughly $6700 PLUS the housing expense.

I will barely have enough for one month's rent before receiving whatever financial aid I qualify for.
What happens if I move back to PA and find out I can't start classes because I don't have enough money?

UPDATE/edited to add:
The worst that can happen is that I can't afford to return for spring semester...that just means waiting 9 more months, which was the original plan anyway.

I called the university and spoke to a very nice lady who did her best to answer my questions. The Financial Aid office was closed so she told me to send them an email, which I did.

I am just so anxious to get back at it, it is hard for me to wait and be in a space of "not knowing"

I guess what I should be focused on is what I am going to do in the meantime.

Not being 100% independent (ie relying on roommates for transportation) sure does have its draw-backs.

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