Thursday, September 4, 2008

Confused, frustrated, depressed

I am trying to keep a positive attitude about this whole process, but must confess that as of the last two days the confusion and frustration has dragged me into a bit of a depression.
Although I have continued to explore options, I have not actively pursued anything.

I am looking into loans...can't get my credit report because TransUnion says I can't be identified by the info I am submitting. I have lived at literally 10 or so addresses in the past 10 years and they are telling me I have not given them the one that matches the info they have on record for me.
Equifax was able to give me a report, but I can't afford to pay to get an actual score to use.

I do not understand this financial aid business.
I have established that I need to get accepted before I can apply. But I simply do not have the money to keep applying. $35 here, $50 there....Give me a break!

And now I have to decide whether this is worth the effort of moving back across the country, or if I want to enroll in an online program (I am liking OSU's Distance Learning Liberal Arts degreee). If I start that and get through a year or two here... will those credits transfer to a school in the Mid-Atlantic?

(more later but we are on the way out of the house at the moment...)

see next entry...

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