Thursday, August 28, 2008

Some Small Progress!

I feel very proud of myself today. I took a small step forward by telephoning the admissions offices of two of the schools on my list to ask questions about the admissions process!
The first was admittedly the easiest, as expected and previously mentioned.
I called West Chester University and was told that even though I only carry 1 credit from them from 1986, that I would be considered a "re-admit" and that there was a special application for this on their website.
The second was a huge leap of courage, but I had to do it, both just to see if I could, and to see what kind of response I'd get on the phone. I contacted Georgetown University in DC, was referred to a second person when the first couldn't answer me, then kindly (well, she tried to sound kind, but I heard a hint of incredulousness in her voice) told me I should consider applying to the College of Continuing Education, even though that school does not offer the specific major I told her I was interested in. Well, I suppose it is worth looking into further.

Question for anyone reading this.
Would you take the safe, easy track and apply to your previous school as a re-admit when it is not your number one choice?
WCU has the major I want, it is in the same geographic area as most of my choice schools, is respected and considered "competitive". However it does not offer the depth and breadth of courses a university such as Georgetown, NYU or Penn offers. It is also much less expensive than the elite schools.
Or would you hold out for another, more expensive, more prestigious school until that option closed to you (denial of admission or inability to afford)?
Or start back at the old school in the hopes thatyour record and credits there could later be useful in transferring to another school?

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Brandi said...

you could always go to WCU for you basic classes and then transfer to another school once you really get into the depth of it.

many people do this-either start out at a smaller state school or a community college and then move on.

my college transcript has 4 different colleges and universities on it (I moved alot) so it is very possible to do that.

for me, easier is sometimes better. It doesn't make the college experience less. And money was always a factor for me.