Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Community College?!?

Well call me an elitist snob, but Community College is not something I ever considered... until today. And now I am having seriously mixed feelings about it
Two of my top choice schools finally did reply, in a most impersonal and, IMO, impolite fashion. They kindly told me that they give no special concessions to adult learners and that I should consider getting an AA at a community college prior to even thinking about enrolling into a full time ugrad degree program.
This made me bristle. How dare they judge me without knowing the first thing about me besides my AGE?! How dare they tell me I am not smart or focused enough to study with a bunch of drunken 18 year olds?! (sorry kids I know you're not all drunks)

So, once my blood pressure went back to normal...I looked at our two local community college websites, Valencia and Seminole.
Valencia has nothing which would be of interest to me. As I mentioned in a previous post, I know that if I am not interested in a course/program, I won't bother with it. Why should I? Where is the emotional reward in that? Emotional reward/satisfaction is one of my main motivators for going back to college in the first place!
Seminole, on the other hand, does have a campus very close to where I live, and they offer a pre-major in Anthropology, my chosen field. The tuition is not out of line. But...will it be challenging enough? Will there be enough variety to stimulate me academically? They have a very limited selection of courses and are super focused on core requirements. I know that is for a good reason, but...


Tomorrow I am going to courageously call and ask questions of my previous college, West Chester University of PA (WCU). For some reason that does not feel nearly as threatening to me as aiming "higher" and risking "ridicule" by one of the leading schools in the field.


Kathryn said...

For me, community college was a waste of time. I am already 38 (will be 39 this year) and just didn't feel like I could go to community college for 2 years and then do a university for 6 more (I am going for my PhD). For me, accelerated online learning was the way to go. Have you considered accelerated classes to get your core classes in fasteR?

Mary said...

Perhaps if you take a few credits (make sure they can transfer with you) at a community college, some of your preferred universities would feel more comfortable enrolling you due to a more recent academic record. I am 30 years old and am attending Shippensburg University, which is a PA state university like West Chester. They really weren't helpful when I initially contacted them. They just told me to apply and then they could help me. Because I was nontraditional I then needed to take their placement test which they used to determine whether to admit me. The hardest part was trying to get answers from them prior to my enrollment. I imagine that at your other choice schools it may be even more difficult. And who has the money to submit applications just so that you can get some answers? Good luck!

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